2 Dozen Old-Fashioned Cookie Sampler

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Y’all. I know everyone loves my sugar cookies, but did you know that I am also a baker of many other cookie delights? 
I’ve been preparing and trial shipping, and I’ve finally achieved BABY BEAR PERFECTION!

From cherished family recipes rife with butter and all things delightful, I offer you Grandma Cooley’s divine FALL COLLECTION cookies: 

Pumpkin Crinkle

Each package will come with half a dozen of each cookie flavor. Our dough is made fresh from the best ingredients and never, ever frozen! Your cookies will be baked the same day that your package ships out via USPS priority mail. All cookies will ship out within one week from ordering, yay!

I’m so excited to be able to finally share my absolute love of baking with those of y’all who want to simply devour cookies without having to decorate first!


***Your  cookies will ship out with in ONE WEEK of ordering.